This class has had a made my writing skill tremendously improve. The assignments themselves were little tricky in the beginning. Each paper made me think from angles and perspectives, so it would take me some time before I could figure out how to start my papers. The beginning of any paper is always a struggle for me, it takes a while before I begin to have a constant though process about a certain topic, while still being able to make the paper flow.

The Literary Narrative wasn’t hard to write. Writing about my journey on how I became literate in a skill was quite interesting. I never really took the time to self reflect on how those skills have affected me or made me different. Writing the overall paper also wasn’t a challenge. Once I started to write, it began to flow out of me. I didn’t have to sit down and make an outline or have a clear plan.

The next assignment about the Discourse Community Profile proved to be a bit a struggle. I didn’t have difficulty with writing the paper, more so maintaining the idea and theme of the overall paper. The topic itself was interesting, its just that I had never written from that position. I wrote about my job at Starbucks, and this paper didn’t have flow to it. I thought it was a weird angle to write as an insider explaining to an outsider  and I had to sit down and map out my paper. I had to make sure I was writing in laymen terms and that I didn’t loose the overall purpose of working at Starbucks and the companies brand and purpose.

Writing the Research Paper seemed very daunting at first, but my professor really helped by breaking down the process. As always the beginning is always  hard for me. I couldn’t think of my research question, but once I did everything else seemed to fall into place. I didn’t have much difficulty finding resources. We also had a project outline due, which proved to be very helpful because writing  a paper this can make you loose your overall point. This was what I had a problem with. I had so much information and different subtopics, that I was loosing the ‘so what’ of my topic. It wasn’t until after meeting with my professor that I really knew how to fix that problem. The research paper would have been much harder if wasn’t for the the clear outlines and reviews from my peers and professor. Overall, this class has made me grow into a better writer and has had a very positive impact on my writing.





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